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Wash basin sets

It is worth paying a lot of attention when choosing a washbasin, as it is one of the most frequently used pieces of bathroom equipment. It must therefore be comfortable to use, first and foremost. However, the inconspicuous wash basin can also be an aesthetically pleasing element of your bathroom design and can even be a unique decoration. It all depends on the design you choose. In Rea’s offer you’ll find, among other things, extremely elegant countertop washbasins, which are an increasingly popular choice for stylish interiors. It’s the perfect combination of functionality and chic that can also adorn your bathroom!

*Countertop wash basin – ideal for a designer bathroom

The countertop wash basin has been a real interior design hit in recent years. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it is highly decorative in itself, and much more expressive than a flush-mounted sink. The huge range of designs, colours and shapes allows you to choose a truly original and interesting solution. There are countertop bathroom sinks available in a variety of

- shape – e.g. round in the form of a bowl, rectangular, square and even irregular;
- colour – from classic white to all the colours of the rainbow, including black or gold;
- the material of which they are made – ceramics, stone or its imitation, or even glass;
- size – both the size of the bowl and the massiveness of the construction itself;
- style – there are pieces available in industrial, glamour, minimalist, retro and many other styles.

Secondly, the countertop sink, thanks to its form, also allows you to expose a carefully chosen countertop. In addition, it works very well for everyday use.

Rea countertop washbasins – our selection.

The Rea assortment includes a wide variety of pieces that are distinguished by their precision workmanship and sensational style. We offer both large and small countertop washbasins, deep and shallow, rounded and geometric shapes. If you’re after both aesthetics and durability, the Rea countertop washbasin is the perfect choice.


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