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Linear drainage

Linear drainage is a cutting-edge drainage solution that delivers level-plane (i.e. flush with the ground surface), ‘zero stepdown’ drainage for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A shower without a shower tray, looks very stylish and modern and at the same time comfortable to use. This makes it easier to get in and out of the shower, which can be important especially for people with reduced mobility. To create such a shower, the linear drainage helps to effectively drain water from the floor, and at the same time is discreetly built in the floor. This type of drainage comes in different sizes, which allow them to be adapted to almost any space. They also differ in appearance, due to which they can perfectly complement the interior, adding elegance to it

Linear drainage – practical and stylish bathroom
The linear drainage of the water fits perfectly into the minimalist trends, noticeable in many modern bathrooms. Removing the shower tray and using a linear drain has advantages i.e:

- versatility – can be used in almost any bathroom, both at home and offices, shops or hotels,
- elegant appearance
- functionality – easy cleaning of the shower and surroundings, as well as convenience for everyday use,
- variety – availability of different sizes and shapes.

When choosing linear drains for your interior, it is worth paying attention to their most important parameters, such as capacity (the ability to drain certain amount of water at a time) or installation depth. The warranty is also important, and for Rea products it is 10 years guarantee!

Rea linear drains – style and quality

The Rea brand offers linear drainage channels that will easily fit into your interior. They differ in parameters, appearance and colours, but share excellent quality, which determines their durability and functionality.


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