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Shower trays

A free-standing shower enclosure is a complete set that does not require any additional components. Things are a little bit different when it comes to built-in showers, where it is up to the customer which individual accessories to select. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a shower tray that matches the type of shower enclosure and meets the individual needs of the user. REA offers a wide range of solutions for different shower enclosure designs.

*Shower trays – which one to choose?

Before you decide on a particular shower tray, you need to decide which shower tray is right for your bathroom. The most versatile and practical are low profile shower trays, as they make it easier to get into the shower. They allow comfortable entry into the shower enclosure and do not take up much space. The lack of high walls also makes the use safer, which is why these shower trays are recommended for the elderly and those with mobility problems.

We also offer deep shower trays, which prevent water from splashing around the bathroom. Such models will work well when bathing children or hand-washing clothes. In addition to the design, you should also determine the parameters of the shower tray and accurately measure the size of the shower enclosure.

High and low shower enclosures for every bathroom.

We strive to make our products range diverse. So we can offer you a variety of solutions, consisting of flat or high wall shower enclosures. Whichever model you choose, we can assure you that the shower trays we offer are:

- designed to make the use convenient,
- manufactured from top quality materials,
- distinguished by their aesthetic look,
- available in a variety of colours and finish.

We sell the bathroom shower trays with a set of assembly elements. Moreover, they are made of carefully selected materials, which make it easier to keep them clean.

Shower trays – our offer.

We offer modern shower trays, available in many sizes, made of durable acrylic or mineral stone. Depending on the model: deep, shallow, ultra slim. The most popular is the shower tray in size 80×80. Feel free to contact us! Our team will be happy to assist you.


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