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Freestanding bathtubs are an excellent alternative to traditional built-in models. This is a universal solution that can be used in any bathroom. The optimal length of the model of 150 cm guarantees comfort. Will such a large structure fit in your bathroom? Yes, no problem. Rea offers a compact corner bath with dimensions of 80×80 cm. There is also a bathtub measuring 90×90 cm, which is also an alternative. Our products are functional and aesthetic. They are usually rectangular in shape. Oval bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular among customers.

When designing bathtubs, we have made every effort to ensure stylish design and comfort. Therefore, in addition to standard size models, our offer also includes bathtubs equipped with cushions, armrests and seats.

Baths – the solution of the 21st century

Each bathtub, is equipped with a plug and a drainage pipe. To install it in the chosen place, all you need is a foot adjustment wrench, silicone with a dispenser and a level. The bathtub is easy to clean. Each model, regardless of the parameters with which it is distinguished (eg 80×80, 90×90 cm), needs regular disinfection, which eliminates germs and limescale deposits.

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