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Toilet and bidet sets

The hygiene in the toilet is usually limited to using toilet paper and washing hands. However, there are devices on the market that made toilet use not only more comfortable, but also safer for your health. We offer toilet and bidet set- an innovative solution for small bathrooms.

How does a toilet and bidet combo work?

The bidet is not new on the market and in many countries is a standard equipment in every bathroom. However, the innovation is the combination of the toilet with bidet, so you do not need to install two separate devices. This solution not only improves comfort, but also reduces paper consumption, which is in line with the principles of ecological lifestyle. Other advantages include:

- modern design,
- compact size,
- functionality,
- hygiene care,
- convenience,
- the ease and maintenance of a clean toilet.

Bidet and toilet combo – a combination of comfort and functionality

The store offers sanitary ware of different types and styles. Depending on your individual needs, you can decide to buy a separate set, which includes bidet + toilet. This option is convenient when you have large space. In other cases, we recommend a compact bidet with toilet combo. We offer sanitary ceramics made of the highest quality materials. When buying, you also receive all the accessories for installation. Take advantage of our offer


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