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Shower enclosure Rea Rapid Slide Black

ID: 4228
EAN: 5902557389810
SKU: KPL-09853
EAN: 5902557389827
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SKU: KPL-09873
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Technical parameters
Shower enclosure size: 100x100, 100x80, 100x90, 110x80, 110x90, 110x100, 120x80, 120x90, 120x100, 130x80, 130x90, 130x100, 140x80, 140x90, 140x100, 150x80, 150x90, 150x100, 160x80, 160x90, 160x100
Colour: Black
Shower enclosure type: Corner
Glass color: Transparent 6mm
The way of opening: Sliding
Height 1950 mm
Direction of the cabin: Universal
Warranty: 24 months
Manufacturer: Rea

A Shower enclosure with a simple, elegant design and functionality to the highest quality. If that is what your need in your bathroom, then our shower enclosure is perfect for you. The product has Easy Clean coating for effortless maintenance.

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