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Shower and bathtub screens

Customers with tiny homes are often forced to compromise on the interior. Which is more practical-bath or shower? Both have their advantages and the choice is not easy. In addition to the individual preferences of household members, the choice can be even more difficult, especially when some prefer to take a shower, while others like blissful relax in the bathtub. In cases like this, the bath with shower screen can be a compromise and a functional alternative.

Bath with screen – a solution for the indecisive

You do not need to have two bathrooms to enjoy a shower in the morning or a relaxing bath in the evening. The bathtub with a screen will solve the dilemma. In addition, you do not need to incur additional costs, as the screen can be mounted to the bath you already have. Among the advantages that characterise bath with a shower screen, we can mention:

- functionality,
- modern design,
- combination of bath and shower
- easy installation that does not require experience,
- a wide range of styles.

When investing in a bathtub with a screen, you don’t have to choose between a shower or a bath. With one movement you can turn the bathtub into a shower cabin. The wall acts as a barrier and prevents water splashing around. Bathroom with a bathtub screen is also a good alternative where the same room serves as a toilet. Closing the screen will provide privacy while bathing and at the same time allow other members of the household to use the bathroom.

Bath with a shower screen – price

In our store customers will find items with different specifications and styles. We have screens and profiles or those made out of clear glass. They differ in colour and size. We sell many designs, ranging from classic to rectangular, freestanding and retro style. We guarantee low prices and professional advice.


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